We are Länd.

In 2018, we gathered a common goal: to create a refined and original lighting product that meets the demands of the present and synchronizes with the natural visual understanding of aesthetics. So there were SEGEL, ARC, NÖJE, the images of which were inspired by flowering, a waterfall and a mountain dawn.

The mission of the project is to show how the usual lighting can harmonize with the eternal natural images and motifs, with the superiority of its forms, the richness of colors and shades, the fusion of textures and materials. We try to tell you how important is the departure from disunity and unnaturalness. In other words, to show the possibility to spiritual and emotional enrichment and development through the simplicity of perception. And also the transfer of this simplicity and harmony into your daily life.

The perfection of the images, the elegant flow of light classical forms, together with a gentle and juicy diffused light, gives harmony and pacification. And the high level of quality and environmental friendliness of goods and their components was an integral factor in their creation.

Design Länd is a direct visual communication through the unity of its components, it's intuitive forms. This is a story about what we see in front of us when the puzzle is formed.


Join us.